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Exercise Motivation

Are you struggling for motivation to exercise at the moment?

Here are a few quick facts that may give you the extra reason needed to get going.

  1. Exercise could play a role in increasing “good” cholesterol ¬†and lowering “bad” cholesterol.
  2. Regular exercise has been shown to lower stress levels.
  3. People who exercise vigorously were found to also have higher levels of mood-boosting vitamin D – probably because they spend more time out in the sun.
  4. Studies have found that exercising can reduce airway inflammation in people with asthma.
  5. For women, including those taking anti-depressants, exercise has been shown to increase sexual arousal.
  6. Working out regularly has been linked to fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Also, the big one, just start by doing something – action leads to action and further motivation, the hardest part is getting going

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